[jsword-devel] Resource

Bobby Nations jsword-devel@bibletechnologieswg.org
Mon, 05 Aug 2002 22:22:43 -0500

Joe Walker wrote:
> Tidying up a few more lose ends:
> Keith wrote
>>Looks like I'm having difficulty when org.crosswire.jsword.util.Resource
>>initializes.  Some of the calls use File.pathSeparator and some 
>>use the Unix
>>path separator.  I am going to genericize them if no one has any 
> No - sounds very sensible.
> The only caveat I would say is I have tried to use URL where possible - the
> theory being that it would make it easier to web-enable things. For URLs
> there is always /.
> However I don't claim that this will fix everything.
>>Once I have it running on Windows, how do we want to check it 
>>back into CVS?
>>I still do not have an account.
> OK, I'll create a CVS account for you.
> If you email me off-list with a username and password, I'll add you in.
> I would ask in return a few things.
> Please:
> - keep me informed about any changes you are about to commit.


It's fairly straightforward to get CVS to send an email whenever someone 
committs anything at all.  I can send the relevant files for how I set 
this up at work if you'd like.

> - keep to the coding style of the surrounding code.

There's a package called checkstyle that can be used to set up a project 
wide coding style, which then flags any deviations from the norm.  At 
work, I've set up our project in ant to publish a report for the entire 
code base after every commit.  We could also set up CVS to check that 
the file passes muster before allowing it to be committed.

> - add your @author to the top of anything you change.

Just a thought, but if you use the following Javadoc, then CVS will 
track that info for you.  You'll be able to always see the last person 
who committed anything the class along with the date that they did so.

  * ...
  * @author: $Author$
  * @version: $Revision$

> - fill in cvs commit notes.




> Joe.