[xiphos-devel] Xiphos 4.2.1

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu May 7 07:24:26 MST 2020


After a long dry spell, Xiphos is back with a new release. This is a
release of many bug fixes and much re-structuring, especially for how
the build system operates, an important factor for those in development.
The older waf build system is gone, having been re-engineered from the
ground up with cmake.

User-visible changes regard crash-avoidance bugfixes and cosmetic
matters: Corrected use of visuals in parallel window, corrected verse
displays, status bar repair, corrected alternating fg/bg in parallel,
improved/corrected spacing of Strong's and morphology with respect to
mainline text, additions to the languages recognized in module displays,
increased limits on book name length for exotic UTF-8 languages
(encodings too long), and some new and updated interface translations.

I want most to thank the folks who have really stepped up in the last
few months and especially the last couple weeks, making sure that the
automatic build and release procedures are so robust.  Greg Hellings and
Dom Corbex are the most obvious folks -- Dom gave us the re-engineered
cmake-driven build system and Greg has done the bulk of the
github-driven auto-build-and-release machinery.  There are many other
contributors, and about 4 dozen issues have been closed.

There are Windows installers and source tarballs for download.  Linux
distributions should begin to gain updates soon.  There are Ubuntu PPA
efforts underway due to Ubuntu no longer supporting our editor package
(and the editor is under discussion for replacement, for many reasons). 
See RELEASE-NOTES in /usr/share/doc/xiphos (for Windows, similarly under
usual paths) for a list of issues addressed.

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