[xiphos-devel] cmake issues with older cmake.

Tim Dickson dickson.tim at googlemail.com
Wed May 6 09:57:41 MST 2020

Hi Karl and xiphos folks on the list,

investigating further and it looks like the cmake errors are due to a 
change in what cmake accepts.
in https://cmake.org/cmake/help/v3.5/command/target_include_directories.html
add_library must *not* be an IMPORTED target

add_library must not be an ALIAS target and IMPORTED targets only 
support INTERFACE items (which is what is used).

in other words, to get it to work with the older cmake available in 
slackware 14.2 i'll need to find a work around
so that the cmake file can achieve its goal in a way that cmake 3.5.2 
finds acceptable.

it does appear to relate to creating static libraries, which is not 
normally used as I would expect xiphos to be using
the shared lib /usr/lib64/libbiblesync.so.2.0.1  (on a 64bit slackware 
system) provided by the biblesync package.
(unless i've got completely the wrong end of the stick, which is 
entirely possible)

Unless anyone else is familiar enough with cmake to help, I'll have to 
widen my search.
I'll try over on linux questions and see if someone can help. If I get 
success I can create a patch for the
problematic cmake/modules/FindBiblesync.cmake file, and I'll let you 
know. When slackware 15 comes
out i can discard the patch as it has cmake 3.15.2 (or higher).
Regards, Tim

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