[xiphos-devel] windows build

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu Apr 23 15:24:34 MST 2020

On 4/23/20 4:10 PM, Dominique Corbex wrote:
> It's a little bit tedious to enter all the command lines so I have
> added a script for running all the commands.

This is marvelous. Thank you so much.

Now, for the benefit of people like me who've never used docker before,
can you say what packages need to be installed in order to use it fully?
Docker is one of those tools that I've known about for quite some time
but have never had cause to go learn. Looks like today is the day.

** Creating toolbox:
./xc-xiphos-win.sh: line 106: toolbox: command not found

This is what I have, but apparently it's not right, or not enough:

$ grep ^docker /var/log/rpmpkgs
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