[xiphos-devel] Crash on right mouse click

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Jun 2 23:58:29 MST 2018

On Sun, 2018-06-03 at 00:05 -0400, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> On 06/02/2018 05:18 PM, Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> > Debian - testing - clicking right mouse on module in order to get
> > context menu results in a reliable crash - each time
> Is this another Wayland thing?

Possibly. Likely. I just restarted my session with XOrg and have no
current problems. 

Interestingly I had 2 or 3 occasions on Wayland where I was able to use
the right click menu for copying highlighted text. I can not say how -
because when I tried to reconstruct what I did it simply kept crashing

There is one new dbus related deprecation warning during compile

[ 10/134] dbus_binding_tool: src/examples/ipc-interface.xml ->
WARNING: Using --header and --body at the same time time is deprecated;
use --body --prototypes instead
INFO: Reading /tmp/dbus-binding-tool-c-marshallers.4MDYJZ...

Maybe fixing this would be the way forward? 

It seems that what causes no problems on Xorg in terms of deprecation
is positively crashing on Wayland or causing other havoc. I guess this
is fair - Wayland is described still as a moving target and in heavy
development and probably should not be relied upon for daily use.... 


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