[xiphos-devel] TravisCI

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 01:25:38 MST 2017

Since we're on the Github infrastructure now, we can avail ourselves of
some of the other nice benefits out there for OpenSource software.
Specifically, I've just put in some effort to create a branch that includes
integration with Travis CI (travis-ci.org). Karl, if you're able to turn on
Travis CI builds for the main repository (I'm not an admin on the Github
repo, so I can't enable it), I can submit my PR and you can see what Travis
CI can give us. In this case, I have it test building Xiphos on Fedora 25,
Fedora Rawhide, CentOS 7, Ubuntu 17.04, and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Other
distributions can be added in the future, as can testing the Windows
builds, etc.

If we really wanted to, we can even go so far as to configure Travis CI to
build and deploy the various artifacts that are part of each release, like
the Windows installers, the Fedora RPMs, etc. I've just recently done this
for one of my projects at work, and it's gone along flawlessly so far. All
I have to do is tag a commit in git, and not only does the CI build, but
the CD piece fires to upload the build artifacts to their proper

But, for the time being, the current build matrix can give us a bit of
sanity that builds on the latest of the three major distributions are
executing properly.

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