[xiphos-devel] Note

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 14:39:43 MST 2016

Word to the wise.


Fedora is officially deprecating and removing WebKitGTK+ versions that
expose and use webkit1's API because it was deprecated in 2013 and has
over 150 unfixed security vulnerabilities. If dependent packages do
not update by the time Fedora 26 is released, they will not be present
in that release as the WebKitGTK package will be removed in that
version (webkitgtk3, specifically, for those keeping track).

The recommended solution is to move to the webkit2 API, which is
maintained and will be retained in Fedora. (This is available as the
webkitgtk4 package, for those of you trying to keep track of package

Caveat Coder: The webkit2 API is only available in GTK+ 3 builds of
WebKitGTK+ and has no support in GTK+ 2, which will mean we need to
stop shipping the xiphos-gtk2 package and be ready to fully embrace
GTK+ 3.

Caveat Coder 2: The webkit2 API, even with WebKitGTK+ 4, is supposedly
not supported on Windows, nor will it ever be. I don't know if the
mingw-webkitgtk3 package will be maintained in Fedora, but I imagine
it will go away along with its friend eventually. The Fedora team's
response to people who need to support both targets is, essentially,
"Good luck."

I'm working to update the official rawhide build right now, to make
sure that it at least builds. I don't have a rawhide machine on hand,
though, if anyone runs Rawhide and can test my builds, I would be most


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