[wxsword-devel] Modules Selection

Jason Turner wxsword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 00:02:44 -0600

I would like to generate some discussion on which modules to include in the 
smaller distributions. (185MB and 60MB).

I see a few criteria.

1) Not more than 2 bibles per language, or 1 of any other type of book per 

The only argument that I can see for 2 bibles is in a case like english where 
there are people who think that the KJV is the only "real" translation. I 
wouldn't want to turn these people off, but I would like to have a more 
readable translation than the KJV also installed.

2) Commentaries should not contain doctrinal oppinions. I have read 
commentaries that not only expound the scripture, but add oppinion to it, and 
would prefer to avoid that, so that there isn't any room for argument as to 
which oppinions to promote.

I personally have spent little time with the modules that are available for 
sword and have little to add to this. Hopefully some (esp non-english 
speakers) have signed up for this list and have something to add.