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David Instone-Brewer davidinstonebrewer at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 09:29:08 MST 2012

Sounds good.

Ah, one thought:
the glosses are often more than one word, eg "to parent" is different 
from the noun "a parent"

Can we perhaps use an upright line to separate double-tags.

I'm very aware that the glosses are still in a bad state, even in the 
NT which was supposedly 'finished'.
I had hoped to hear back from Laura who did these glosses, but 
somehow the OT data never got to me.
I think I'll have to give up on that and use my own.

I just checked on the size of the problem. It isn't huge, though the 
OT  is much more difficult,
so it is worth working out how to do things in the NT to get them 
right in the OT.
In the NT we have 14169 double-tags, but 14116 of these have G3588 as 
the first tag (ie "the" which we are ignoring)
When you exclude 3588 we are left with 53 double-tags (a few more 
than 14169-14116 cos of treble-tags)
These occur in 39 verses in the NT.
Mark 2.18-26 is a good passage: v.18x1, 19x3, 21x1, 22x1, 23x1, 26x2
So Mark 2.19 is a good example:
And Jesus said unto them, Can the children of the bridechamber fast, 
while the bridegroom is with them? As long as they have the 
bridegroom with them, they can not fast.
Another verse with 3 examples is Mk.9.42
And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in 
me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, 
and he were cast into the sea.
This example is particularly good cos it has:
whosoever - an example of two tiny words which don't translate well 
separately - ie ean "if" and hos "which"
better - two words which are separated in the Greek, kalos "good" and 
mallon "more"
millstone - the Greek is made of two words like the English used to 
be, milikos "mill" and lithos "stone".

It would be great if the display could visually depict these links, eg:

kalon  | estin |   autw  |  mallon   | ei  |  perikeitai |  lithos | mulikos
better | it is | for him |  [better] |that | were hanged |     millstone

it is   |      better      |  for him  |  that |    a millstone   | 
were hanged
estin   |  kalon | mallon  |    autw   |   ei  | lithos | mulikos |  perikeitai

However, I have no idea how you would do this!

as  to the glosses, what about:

it is   |      better      |  for him   |  that |    a millstone    | 
were hanged
estin   |  kalon | mallon  |    autw    |   ei  | lithos | 
mulikos  |  perikeitai
to be   |  good  |  more   |he/her/-self|   if  |  stone | millstone| 
to surround

Note that I've changed "I am" to "to be".
I've also changed "he/himself/here" [typo!]  to "he/her/-self"
(I'm going to have to go through these glosses!)

So, wrt your original question, what about: stone | millstone
This will allow for things like to do/make |  quickly
(though I have no idea if anything like this will occur.

I don't know if you can do anything with the additional challenge of 
displaying these double-tags clearly.

David IB

At 14:20 17/11/2012, Chris Burrell wrote:
>Hi David
>Could we standardise the typography when we have several options for 
>our "one-word" lexicon entries. Instead of having it with both 
>commas and slashes. Let's go for slashes with no spaces.
>This will allow us to do [word1, word2] for double tagged words.
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