[tyndale-devel] Crosswire bookmarks and initial sketch of user login

David Instone-Brewer davidinstonebrewer at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 13:02:46 MST 2011

Yep - that works nicely.
It seems strange though - you don't expect to log in for this.
What about putting registration at Install Bibles instead, and 
reserve login for notes and other personal stuff?
You often have to give an email address to download stuff nowadays, 
so it seems more normal.

The blinds in the middle work really nicely.

David IB

At 18:19 21/03/2011, Chris Burrell wrote:
>There should be a new version of STEP on 
>It should contain Bookmarks (well viewing them). There's some test 
>code in there at the moment, to automatically create a user in a 
>in-memory database:
>username/email: t at t.c
>password: password
>The user can't do anything, so the data is not particularly 
>sensitive! You can register another user if you like (again, if i 
>rebuild this disappears, and it's not encrypted or anything like 
>that at the moment).
>Once logged in, you should be able to see two bookmarks. The history 
>should now also be based on cookies, so that when you come back 
>later, whatever passage you were viewing is there. The data 
>displayed under "History" is stored in the cookie too and therefore 
>persists across sessions. History is stored in the in-memory 
>database and therefore is only available when you log in.
>NOTE: There is a noticeable gap where the user can't delete a gap 
>(also, if the tomcat server gets restarted, or when i redeploy, then 
>the data disappears!)
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