[sword-devel] Question about strong morph and xiphos

Fr Cyrille fr.cyrille at tiberiade.be
Sat Jun 18 13:33:46 EDT 2022

I would like to share here a problem on some module. I would like to 
have your opinion on the matter.
Rwebster and KJV seems to me to use the morphology of the numbers of 
Strong. However, no dictionary allows to access it. For Greek I found a 
solution by rewriting some modules like Byz and adding the links of the 
numbers of strong in Robinson's dictionary. So for Greek it is now 
possible to point *morph="robinson:STRONGNUMBER"*. For Hebrew I don't 
have an equivalent. I tried to match the strong numbers that deal with 
morphology with the oshm dictionary, but it's way too complicated. I 
have also for test add the morphological strong numbers to the French 
strong dictionnary. This works with Bibletime, which looks in the strong 
dictionary for the corresponding number. But Xiphos is unfortunately 
unable to read this.
I would have liked to know how we could solve this problem.

I take the opportunity to call on those who develop Xiphos. The software 
is really a great tool, but unfortunately nobody works on it seriously 
anymore. I fear that one day it will be completely abandoned. That would 
be a big loss for Crosswire.

Thanks in advance, en Cyrille

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