[sword-devel] Questions about the DTN module (Daby Translation Notes)

yvand yvand.sword at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 12:24:14 EST 2022

Dear all sword community,

I am questions about the sword module *DTN* (Darby Translation Notes) 
from the official repository.

1° What is the source of this module? Where does the module comes from? 
Who is the actual maintainer? (unfortunately I found no clue in the 
.conf file)

2° I found errors in the module. Indeed notes are attached to verse 0 
for each chapter, but those notes seem always to correspond to the first 
note of the book.

For instance, the first note for Psalms is at Psalm 1:1 ("1:1 seat 
(a-27) Or 'in the company.'"). This note is repeated for Psalm 2:0, 
Psalm 3:0, etc.

Those incorrect notes are displayed in frontends. mod2imp gives:

> *$$$Psalms 0:0**
> **1:1  seat (a-27)  Or 'in the company.'**
> *$$$Psalms 1:1
> 1:1  seat (a-27)  Or 'in the company.'
> $$$Psalms 1:3
> 1:3  [is] (b-3)  Or 'will be.'
>> *$$$Psalms 2:0**
> **1:1  seat (a-27)  Or 'in the company.'**
> *$$$Psalms 2:1
> 2:1  peoples (c-12)  <FI>Leummim<Fi>, a general word for 'the races of 
> mankind.'
>> *$$$Psalms 3:0**
> **1:1  seat (a-27)  Or 'in the company.'**
> *$$$Psalms 3:1
> 3:1  trouble (m-18)  See Ps. 8.2, 'adversaries' and Note o.
The text in bold should be removed and seems to be generated with an 
automatic tool.

I can fix those obvious errors, but I don't know how to fix them: Who is 
the maintainer? Does someone has the original GBF source?


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