[sword-devel] English transliteration of Greek or Hebrew words

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Hi Robert and List,

Kovács Zoltán <kovzol at gmail.com> ezt írta (időpont: 2022. márc. 24., Cs,

> Hi Robert, this is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
> Am Di., 22. März 2022 um 21:40 Uhr schrieb Robert Hunt <
> hunt.robertj at gmail.com>:
>> Note that the new SR GNT is coming within the next few months (after 19
>> years of work -- see https://greekcntr.org/resources/1Introduction.mp4).
>> The beta was released today on the website at
>> https://greekcntr.org/collation/index.htm. (Video at
>> https://greekcntr.org/resources/4SRGNT.mp4.) It will be open-licensed
>> (and with downloadable files provided) after its beta which is designed
>> to get eyes on it and highlight any shortcomings. It contains Strongs
>> and morphological data, and a lexicon is coming eventually.
I talked to Alan Bunning this Monday and I told him that I would be happy
to try to create a Sword module,
based on his prototype at
https://raw.githubusercontent.com/greekcntr/BHP/master/BHP_Data.txt. He
with the remark that there will indeed be a final version coming that
obsoletes the prototype.

As far as I can understand, Sword uses the OSIS format, but it offers
several tools to convert an existing (U)SMF file to OSIS.
And there are other tools that can convert other types of texts with
different formats.
Maybe you have a hint if I could start writing some code that directly
creates an OSIS output from Alan's prototype,
or there is a better idea.

Thanks in advance.
All best wishes, Zoltan
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