[sword-devel] Future changes for FreJND (French Darby version) + Bug in osis2mod (infinite loop depending on versification scheme)

yvand yvand.sword at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 17:33:00 EST 2021

Up! (as I had no answer to my mail)

Is this a real bug in osis2mod or somewhere else?



Le 06/11/2021 à 13:51, yvand a écrit :
> Dear all,
> I am facing a bug with osis2mod. So I am writing in this mailing and I 
> want to share a minimal/simple OSIS file example.
> *Context :
> *The Elberfelder version (in German) has been revised recently. The 
> revised version now follows the versification of the BHS for the Old 
> Testament. See https://www.csv-bibel.de/ (moreover strongs are 
> available on their website).
> A work is in progress for the French Darby translation, by the BPC 
> editor (https://editeurbpc.com/). If God's willing, two Darby versions 
> will be available, printed and downloadable in the future:
> - The first version will be very faithful to the original translation 
> (main changes : versification BHS + add footnotes in the OT for 
> quotations in the NT + replacement of a few old french words (minimal)).
> - Another version will be available with more changes in the text. But 
> the goal remains to as close to the original as possible. This version 
> could be called "Darby révisée" (revised Darby). This version will 
> also follow the BHS versification.
> With the BPC editor we plan to offer 2 modules for the French Darby in 
> the future. The source of those 2 modules (FreJND and a new one) will 
> be based on OSIS provided by BPC. So the text and the notes will match 
> a new paper version.
> Those bible editors (for Elberfelder and french Darby) trend to 
> standardize the versification scheme and follow the BHS for the Old 
> Testament. That's why I tried to find the sword versification which 
> fits the best with this versification. I found Leningrad which seems 
> to match BHS but does not offer New Testament…
> I tested all sword versifications, but osis2mod fails with some 
> (infinite loop).
> Here is an example of OSIS file : 
> https://yapper.fr/~yvand/demo-osis2mod.xml.zip
> Results:
>> Timeout (infinite loop): Calvin, DarbyFr, KJV, KJVA, NRSV, NRSVA, 
>> Segond, Synodal, SynodalProt, Vulg
>> OK: Catholic, Catholic2, German, LXX, Leningrad, Luther, MT, Orthodox
> Can you confirm the bug? Where should I report the bug?
> Do you plan to add new versification scheme to match those versions?
> Blessings in the Lord,
> --yvand
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