[sword-devel] Future changes for FreJND (French Darby version) + Bug in osis2mod (infinite loop depending on versification scheme)

yvand yvand.sword at gmail.com
Sat Nov 6 08:51:09 EDT 2021

Dear all,

I am facing a bug with osis2mod. So I am writing in this mailing and I 
want to share a minimal/simple OSIS file example.

*Context :
*The Elberfelder version (in German) has been revised recently. The 
revised version now follows the versification of the BHS for the Old 
Testament. See https://www.csv-bibel.de/ (moreover strongs are available 
on their website).
A work is in progress for the French Darby translation, by the BPC 
editor (https://editeurbpc.com/). If God's willing, two Darby versions 
will be available, printed and downloadable in the future:
- The first version will be very faithful to the original translation 
(main changes : versification BHS + add footnotes in the OT for 
quotations in the NT + replacement of a few old french words (minimal)).
- Another version will be available with more changes in the text. But 
the goal remains to as close to the original as possible. This version 
could be called "Darby révisée" (revised Darby). This version will also 
follow the BHS versification.
With the BPC editor we plan to offer 2 modules for the French Darby in 
the future. The source of those 2 modules (FreJND and a new one) will be 
based on OSIS provided by BPC. So the text and the notes will match a 
new paper version.

Those bible editors (for Elberfelder and french Darby) trend to 
standardize the versification scheme and follow the BHS for the Old 
Testament. That's why I tried to find the sword versification which fits 
the best with this versification. I found Leningrad which seems to match 
BHS but does not offer New Testament…

I tested all sword versifications, but osis2mod fails with some 
(infinite loop).

Here is an example of OSIS file : 


> Timeout (infinite loop): Calvin, DarbyFr, KJV, KJVA, NRSV, NRSVA, 
> Segond, Synodal, SynodalProt, Vulg
> OK: Catholic, Catholic2, German, LXX, Leningrad, Luther, MT, Orthodox

Can you confirm the bug? Where should I report the bug?

Do you plan to add new versification scheme to match those versions?

Blessings in the Lord,

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