[sword-devel] Greek/Hebrew Reader screenshots

Tobias Klein contact at tklein.info
Sun May 23 07:55:29 EDT 2021

Hi Jeff,

I have recently discovered this:



Maybe you should contact the author ... seems similar to what you have 
been describing and showing ... also webserver / webclient based 

Regarding a functioning SWORD build for Windows (DLLs built with latest 
MSVS compilers ...) - have a look here:


A general thought regarding web-based frontends ...
There are now web components since a few years - a standard that enables 
easier re-use of web-based components across applications.
Have a look here:


I have been starting to use web components in Ezra Bible App ... and if 
you also work on certain frontend components maybe there is a 
possibility for sharing things!

Best regards,

On 5/23/21 3:19 AM, Jeff Becker wrote:
> Thank you for the feedback (not included here).
> I think I’ve figured out what I’d like to do:
> -Stay with Web delivery of this content
> oScreenshot_1 
> <http://bible.fiveviews.net/Images/ScreenShots/Screenshot_2021-05-15-20-33-04.png> 
> Screenshot_2 
> <http://bible.fiveviews.net/Images/ScreenShots/Screenshot_2021-05-15-20-18-43.png> 
> Screenshot 3 
> <http://bible.fiveviews.net/Images/ScreenShots/Screenshot_2021-05-15-20-30-14.png> 
> Screenshot 4 
> <http://bible.fiveviews.net/Images/ScreenShots/Screenshot_2021-05-15-20-53-40.png> 
>      (see details below)
> -Implement the Crosswire / SWORD Project content (adhering to all 
> applicable licensing)
> oIncluding multilingual content and flexibility (English only seems 
> short-sighted)
> -Continue developing in ASP.Net / IIS / Visual Studio / CLR
> oEven after considering all of the suggestions and reviewing available 
> applications (partly because it’s my wheelhouse)
> -Develop reusable code for the MS platform and make it available for 
> download
> oI’d like to see a wrapper that parallels the existing Crosswire / 
> SWORD Project code base so that developers can easily implement it in 
> VS20xx
> oPossibly a dll that runs under MS Common Language Runtime (CLR) so 
> that it’s readily available for C#, VB, C++, etc. developers (I’m not 
> sure if just making source code available is enough)
> -Find or develop a database of English (or any available language) 
> words derived from Biblical Greek words
> oDoes anyone know anything about ‘English derivatives from the Greek 
> New Testament’ by Charles Van der Pool?
> So, if that’s acceptable, I could use some help getting started:
> -Advice from others who have developed in Visual Studio (the latest 
> code that I was able to find was for VS 2013)
> -A document or Wiki that would get content available in Windows 10, 
> Windows Server 2019, etc.
> -Instructions on how to make this compliant with Crosswire / SWORD 
> Project standards including licensing of content
> Thanks again for any help you can provide.
> Jeff Becker
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> *Subject:* [sword-devel] Greek/Hebrew Reader screenshots
> Here are some screenshots of the Greek/Hebrew Reader that I’ve been 
> describing.
> Some points of interest:
> -‘guid=’ in URL just indicates the user id used as a record key for 
> preferences and bookmarks on the server;
> -Navigation buttons shift to left for Hebrew to be out of the way as 
> much as possible;
> -Bookmark is stored when a verse reference number is clicked/touched;
> -Shaded bookmark (paperclip) button: shaded at top means that server 
> has outdated info, bottom means bookmarks need to be downloaded;
> -Font enlarge and shrink buttons (per device basis);
> -Arrow buttons: up/down to top/bottom; center button scrolls to 
> current bookmark; left goes to previous chapter/book; right to next 
> chapter/book;
> -Banner at top displays relevant information and links (I’d like to 
> make this customizable for readers of varying skill levels);
> -Options panel displays when bookmark (paperclip) is clicked;
> -‘Select / Go To Bookmark’ displays select of stored bookmarks (per 
> user based on guid, see additional screenshot);
> -Books are marked as ‘Done’ when on the last chapter of the book and 
> the ‘Next Chapter/Book’ button is selected;
> -Reading plan is selected through select prompt;
> -Red text on Upload / Download buttons shows that client or server has 
> later information (also displayed in shading of paperclip nav button);
> -‘Move verse to top on Click’ scrolls bookmarked verse to top of 
> window when verse number is clicked;
> -‘Store v1 on Next Chapter Click’ automatically updates current 
> bookmark to next chapter/book when Next button is clicked;
> -Current bookmark is displayed;
> -Previous / Next are chapters in reading plan (not that ‘Next’ shows 
> Matthew 1 after Mark 16 based on Daniel Wallace’s reading plan;
> -Cookies are for debugging purposes;
> -Text is currently just a cleaned up version of the BibleHub 
> Interlinear page;
> The BibleHub page content is the main problem that I’d like to change 
> next and, as such, is the main reason for all of this communication.  
> I’d like to replace it with licensed content that is easier to control 
> and display.
> I hope that explains things better.
> Jeff
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