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Jeff Becker jbecker at fiveviews.com
Sat May 22 21:19:55 EDT 2021

Thank you for the feedback (not included here).  


I think I've figured out what I'd like to do:

-          Stay with Web delivery of this content

o   Screenshot_1
4.png>        Screenshot_2
3.png>        Screenshot 3
4.png>       Screenshot 4
0.png>       (see details below)

-          Implement the Crosswire / SWORD Project content (adhering to all
applicable licensing)

o   Including multilingual content and flexibility (English only seems

-          Continue developing in ASP.Net / IIS / Visual Studio / CLR

o   Even after considering all of the suggestions and reviewing available
applications (partly because it's my wheelhouse)

-          Develop reusable code for the MS platform and make it available
for download              

o   I'd like to see a wrapper that parallels the existing Crosswire / SWORD
Project code base so that developers can easily implement it in VS20xx 

o   Possibly a dll that runs under MS Common Language Runtime (CLR) so that
it's readily available for C#, VB, C++, etc. developers (I'm not sure if
just making source code available is enough)

-          Find or develop a database of English (or any available language)
words derived from Biblical Greek words

o   Does anyone know anything about 'English derivatives from the Greek New
Testament' by Charles Van der Pool?


So, if that's acceptable, I could use some help getting started:

-          Advice from others who have developed in Visual Studio (the
latest code that I was able to find was for VS 2013)

-          A document or Wiki that would get content available in Windows
10, Windows Server 2019, etc.

-          Instructions on how to make this compliant with Crosswire / SWORD
Project standards including licensing of content


Thanks again for any help you can provide.


Jeff Becker


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Here are some screenshots of the Greek/Hebrew Reader that I've been


Some points of interest:

-          'guid=' in URL just indicates the user id used as a record key
for preferences and bookmarks on the server;

-          Navigation buttons shift to left for Hebrew to be out of the way
as much as possible;

-          Bookmark is stored when a verse reference number is

-          Shaded bookmark (paperclip) button: shaded at top means that
server has outdated info, bottom means bookmarks need to be downloaded;

-          Font enlarge and shrink buttons (per device basis);

-          Arrow buttons: up/down to top/bottom; center button scrolls to
current bookmark; left goes to previous chapter/book; right to next

-          Banner at top displays relevant information and links (I'd like
to make this customizable for readers of varying skill levels);

-          Options panel displays when bookmark (paperclip) is clicked;

-          'Select / Go To Bookmark' displays select of stored bookmarks
(per user based on guid, see additional screenshot);

-          Books are marked as 'Done' when on the last chapter of the book
and the 'Next Chapter/Book' button is selected;

-          Reading plan is selected through select prompt;

-          Red text on Upload / Download buttons shows that client or server
has later information (also displayed in shading of paperclip nav button);

-          'Move verse to top on Click' scrolls bookmarked verse to top of
window when verse number is clicked;

-          'Store v1 on Next Chapter Click' automatically updates current
bookmark to next chapter/book when Next button is clicked;

-          Current bookmark is displayed;

-          Previous / Next are chapters in reading plan (not that 'Next'
shows Matthew 1 after Mark 16 based on Daniel Wallace's reading plan;

-          Cookies are for debugging purposes;

-          Text is currently just a cleaned up version of the BibleHub
Interlinear page;


The BibleHub page content is the main problem that I'd like to change next
and, as such, is the main reason for all of this communication.  I'd like to
replace it with licensed content that is easier to control and display.


I hope that explains things better.



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