[sword-devel] English transliteration of Greek or Hebrew words

Tobias Klein contact at tklein.info
Sun May 16 14:26:17 EDT 2021

Good idea regarding the pressure-sensitive touch reaction :)

When doing a quick search I found this JavaScript library: 

I quickly tested it on my Android tablet and it seems to work well! 
Maybe I'll make use of this in the future.


On 5/16/21 6:44 PM, Michael H wrote:
> Tobias, (all)
> I don't do mobile development, so if this is beyond the realm of easy 
> implementation... ignore it.
> The limitation of android apps in this area has always been lack of 
> pointer... which turns into mistaps (mostly caused by fingers 3x th 
> size of the target). I'd like to see pressure sensitive touch which 
> would work like the 'hover' functionality in Bibletime... a light 
> touch would pop out a box with essential part of the definition, and a 
> more firm touch then opens the full definition either in the main 
> window or a sidebar like area. It's not exactly like the hover in BT, 
> but touch sensitivity enabled provides a pretty close functionality. 
> Again, I know most androids now have pressure sensitivity built in... 
> but I don't know if it's easily accessible as just a tap.
> On Sun, May 16, 2021 at 10:30 AM Tobias Klein <contact at tklein.info 
> <mailto:contact at tklein.info>> wrote:
>     Hi Jeff,
>     I am still planning to develop that interlinear functionality that
>     I wrote about in February, I have not started yet ... but will soon.
>     The interlinear visualization used by BibleHub is actually nice! I
>     could imagine to do something similar in Ezra Bible App.
>     I am currently not targeting mobile use with Ezra, but certainly
>     tablets (Windows and Android) and the user interface is also
>     touch-based. In the future we may see an iPad version as well.
>     You already find a strongs dictionary functionality in Ezra,
>     similar to what other frontends are doing, with the typical
>     mouse-over strongs-word / dictionary update. But that only works
>     on the desktop due to the mouseover limitation.
>     Focussing more on being touch-friendly is one of my goals for new
>     functionality in Ezra. In fact, for me personally my Android
>     tablet has become the primary device for this software ... at
>     least for casual study.
>     I'd also be curious to see screenshots of your work!
>     I'll be keeping you posted whenever I have something ready to try.
>     I am personally not a Greek/Hebrew expert, but nevertheless I
>     enjoy some tool-based original language study. I'd be happy about
>     getting feedback from users like you in the future!
>     Blessings,
>     Tobias
>     On 5/15/21 10:23 AM, Jeff Becker wrote:
>>     Tobias (et al),
>>     I’ve been developing and using (for my own personal edification)
>>     a Greek/Hebrew reader that responds to touch/click with English
>>     translation, Strong’s numbers (with links) and a parsing code
>>     (gender, number, case, person, etc.)
>>     I’ve decided to either find something that meets my growing needs
>>     or make it. But to do so requires data.  The current version is
>>     based upon a reformatting of a free interlinear using C#,
>>     JavaScript, HTML5 and T-SQL (MSSQL).
>>     If you’re working on one I’d like to discuss joining our efforts
>>     if our goals are compatible.  Otherwise, I’m looking at the
>>     possibility of using the resources available through the SWORD
>>     project as a basis for my efforts.
>>     My goals are (in no particular order):
>>     -An easy to use phone, tablet and desktop app (already in current
>>     version)
>>     -Touch/click responses by displaying various information
>>     (lexicography, parsing) (already in current version)
>>     -Ability to select various reading plans such as canonical order,
>>     Daniel Wallace’s One Year reading plan, chronological based on
>>     writing (already in current version)
>>     -Stored bookmarks (client and server storage shared across
>>     individual user’s computers) (already in current version)
>>     -Derived words in common language such as transliterations as a
>>     memory reinforcement tactic (eg. ‘geo’ – ‘graphy’);
>>     -Ability to substitute other languages for English translations /
>>     transliterations;
>>     I can’t post a link here because I haven’t received permission or
>>     reuse the source material (BibleHub’s Greek-English and
>>     Hebrew-English Interlinear).  I am currently the only person
>>     using it.  I’ve done so to avoid any ethical or legal
>>     infringement on the source material.
>>     If you or anyone else reading this are interested in working
>>     together I’d be happy to share my relevant code and experience.
>>     Jeff Becker
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>>     Hi,
>>     I am planning an *interlinear view component* for Ezra Project
>>     and as part of that I would like to show English transliterations
>>     of Greek or Hebrew words.
>>     I found these JavaScript/TypeScript based packages, which could
>>     be useful:
>>     https://github.com/charlesLoder/greek-transliteration
>>     <https://github.com/charlesLoder/greek-transliteration>
>>     https://github.com/charlesLoder/hebrew-transliteration
>>     <https://github.com/charlesLoder/hebrew-transliteration>
>>     Do you know of any other solutions out there?
>>     Best regards,
>>     Tobias
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