[sword-devel] English transliteration of Greek or Hebrew words

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The application has a semi-transparent navigation panel in the corner that looks like a TV remote with one of the buttons opening an options panel.  The reading plan is selected in the options panel and then the next and previous buttons on the navigation panel go to the next/previous item on the list which is stored in the server’s database.  Currently it’s on a chapter-by-chapter basis but I’m building in chapter-verse capability where it’s practical.  Eventually I’d like to have a complete OT and NT chronology that harmonizes not only the gospels but also the books and passages of the OT such as Kings and Chronicles.


I’ll share a link as soon as I can get a response from BibleHub. If anyone knows someone over there maybe could you ask them to contact me regarding permission?


If it’s important I can make some screenshots from portable devices.  I guess that’s something I should do regardless.  I’ll get back to you with those.  Feel free to incorporate any of these ideas in what you’re doing.




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You wrote: -          Ability to select various reading plans such as canonical order, Daniel Wallace’s One Year reading plan, chronological based on writing (already in current version)

Can you share a screenshot showing how that's implemented?  is it a forward/back button that works like a bookmark ... taking you to the next point, or a menu selection, or are you displaying only the sections for each reading?

Specifically, I'm at 85% reproducing a Harmonized NT which provides a narrative sequence and also provides alternate readings as annotations (footnotes). If your 'reading list' can take a list of verses that includes section titles and a list of verses that are annotations, maybe I can provide your app data for a harmonized Bible (I have an Harmonized/Chronological Old Testament blocked out to follow the NT methodology, but it's maybe 5% along it's production path.)

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