[sword-devel] English transliteration of Greek or Hebrew words

Michael H cmahte at gmail.com
Sat May 15 21:27:45 EDT 2021

You wrote: -          Ability to select various reading plans such as
canonical order, Daniel Wallace’s One Year reading plan, chronological
based on writing (already in current version)

Can you share a screenshot showing how that's implemented?  is it a
forward/back button that works like a bookmark ... taking you to the next
point, or a menu selection, or are you displaying only the sections for
each reading?

Specifically, I'm at 85% reproducing a Harmonized NT which provides a
narrative sequence and also provides alternate readings as annotations
(footnotes). If your 'reading list' can take a list of verses that includes
section titles and a list of verses that are annotations, maybe I can
provide your app data for a harmonized Bible (I have an
Harmonized/Chronological Old Testament blocked out to follow the NT
methodology, but it's maybe 5% along it's production path.)
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