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Fri Mar 26 05:57:44 EDT 2021

Years ago we had a couple of people here on the list who worked on HTML 5 apps for , I think Firefox OS. Firefox Os was , unsurprisingly, a Linux system, which equally unsurprisingly went nowhere, or so it seemed. 

Recently I stumbled over the fact that Firefox has actually made a resurgence in form of KaiOS, which apparently is making huge inroads in both India and Africa. In India it is the second system, at around 11% , rising, of the market acc Wikipedia and Android (at 79%, falling). In Sub Saharan Africa it is taking over the market of J2ME phones (where we had an app for)

The current top phone for that market is called the Nokia 8210 or so which goes on Amazon for around £49. It can get jailbroken and can run a non-spyware version of KaiOS called GerdaOS. 256mb RAM and 4Gb ROM is the spec of that. But KaiOS is open to app submissions and actively encourages this. Whatsapp etc e.g. are on that. So jailbreaking might actually not be necessary other than to allow initial sideloading of an app. 


Are those who worked on Firefox OS still active here on the list? 

Could Bishop run on a system like this? 

What other HTML5 based apps did we have over the years passing by here? There were a few, I think, also something for another phone operating system which was promising but got nowhere. SlideOs or some such. 


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