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Thu Mar 4 02:07:00 EST 2021

Does anything need to be added to our wiki page?


It’s the last row in the table in this section.

Troy, How does Bishop handle CSS ?

Anyone, How do other JSword based front-ends handle CSS ?
eg. Does STEP Bible use it in any way ?

The xulsword app (aka Holy Bible aka Mukkades Kitap) also has a number of app-specific config keys.
eg LanguageSortOrder

Ideas like this often have a potentially wider application than one particular front-end.
It might in some cases make sense to bring the proper feature they are required for into both the back-end APIs.

Best regards


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On Thu, Mar 4, 2021 at 06:29, Tuomas Airaksinen <tuomas.airaksinen at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have implemented support for per-module custom CSS for And Bible (to be in And Bible 3.4, which is planned to be released later this year). I noticed that there's PreferredCSSXHTML config key for this purpose. However, CSS for And Bible need to be formatted in a specific way and plain CSS would mess up things -- I need per-module namespacing because the same WebView instance can show multiple module content simultaneously in some contexts (compare view, multi doc view, my notes, study pads etc). In addition, I also support specifying separate settings for dark night mode. Thus, I ended up, for now, using a custom AndBibleCSS key instead.
> Current draft of how And Bible implements this, can be read here:
> https://github.com/AndBible/and-bible/wiki/Custom-CSS-for-modules-for-And-Bible
> How are other frontends implementing PreferredCSSXHTML?
> Is there something similar implemented elsewhere too, as what I am doing?
> Are there any modules using this configuration key in Crosswire or other public repositories?
> Any other thoughts related to my approach?
> Best regards,
> Tuomas
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