[sword-devel] Question about Bible window scrolling and verse focus in Xiphos under Windows 10

Gary Bennett gary at egeiro.net
Tue Jan 26 16:46:51 EST 2021


I'm running Xiphos 4.2.1 (gtk2 webkit1) under Windows 10 and I have 
noticed that the Bible text window doesn't automatically scroll when 
verses are selected/navigated to using the ctrl-L selector or the ctrl-p 
and ctrl-n navigator. The verse number changes in the navigation areas 
at the top, but the Bible window itself doesn't scroll when the current 
verse is below the current screen display.

I don't use the Win 10 machine very often but I first noticed this 
behaviour some weeks ago. This behaviour isn't evident on my instance of 
Xiphos under Fedora 33.

Is this 'feature' peculiar to me, or is it a Win 10 issue?

Regards, Gary

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