[sword-devel] tests/testsuite/verseparsing-utf8

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Jul 26 07:29:20 EDT 2020

Greg, what's the output, or at least the couple lines of output from 
your failed unit test?  It might help.  When I saw your note, I had 
suspected it was because of something I had installed on my machine that 
was enabling the test to pass (/etc/sword.conf) or something.  But I've 
removed what I thought might be helping and I still pass all unit tests 
here on F32 using autotools to build.

Hope we can figure it out,


On 7/25/20 5:46 AM, Greg Hellings wrote:
> Quick question - maybe a longer answer. Mostly for Troy, as you're 
> probably the only one familiar with this code:
> I'm trying to get the testsuit working in the CMake build. Things seem 
> to be going great. I can get 13/14 tests passing. But I've had a 
> long-nagging issue with getting verparsing-utf8 to pass in the CMake 
> build. I'm building with -D_ICU_ throughout, so it's not that the flag 
> is missing. I'm also not getting  passing results out of the autotools 
> build, so this isn't just a problem with CMake - although in the past 
> I've had systems where I could get the autotools build to work 
> properly but the CMake one would not.
> I don't know enough about running a C++ debugger to dig into where the 
> problem lives. The verseparsing-utf8 is clear that the library needs 
> ICU in order for it to work, and it shows up in the list of linked 
> libraries off the sword library and in the compile flags.
> I assume the tests are still working for you? If so, any hints I can 
> use to track down why it's not working for me?
> --Greg
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