[sword-devel] tests/testsuite/verseparsing-utf8

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 23:46:20 EDT 2020

Quick question - maybe a longer answer. Mostly for Troy, as you're probably
the only one familiar with this code:

I'm trying to get the testsuit working in the CMake build. Things seem to
be going great. I can get 13/14 tests passing. But I've had a long-nagging
issue with getting verparsing-utf8 to pass in the CMake build. I'm building
with -D_ICU_ throughout, so it's not that the flag is missing. I'm also not
getting  passing results out of the autotools build, so this isn't just a
problem with CMake - although in the past I've had systems where I could
get the autotools build to work properly but the CMake one would not.

I don't know enough about running a C++ debugger to dig into where the
problem lives. The verseparsing-utf8 is clear that the library needs ICU in
order for it to work, and it shows up in the list of linked libraries off
the sword library and in the compile flags.

I assume the tests are still working for you? If so, any hints I can use to
track down why it's not working for me?

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