[sword-devel] Win32 FileMgr Subclass

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Jul 26 06:42:05 EDT 2020

I've just committed the last bit for fixing the WIN32 Unicode issues.  
If anyone can try compiling and running Xiphos without the Xiphos patch 
or any other projects for Windows, and let me know if things work for 
them in folders which include Unicode character, I would appreciate it.  
I've tested BibleCS and it now works with a SWORD_PATH defined to 
/books/χαρις.  I've tested using and installing modules in this 
configuration and believe all the bugs are squashed, but I would love 
confirmation from other projects.

Thanks for any feedback,


On 7/20/20 7:18 PM, Greg Hellings wrote:
> Sorry for the previous blank email - user error when I tried to reply:
> On Sun, Jul 19, 2020 at 2:40 PM Tobias Klein <contact at tklein.info 
> <mailto:contact at tklein.info>> wrote:
>     Thanks for giving me the background on this, Karl! I appreciate it!
>     Is Xiphos the only frontend that has been patching Sword for this
>     purpose? Then I suppose all other frontends suffer from this
>     issue, huh?
> When I first encountered this patch in Xiphos I tested with BibleTime 
> and The Sword Project for Windows and both of them do crash under 
> these circumstances.
> Yes, other toolkits such as Qt do have wrappers for this shortcoming 
> already, but none of the other front ends I've worked with have 
> bothered to put in the effort to produce a patched version of Sword to 
> fix the crash.
> --Greg
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