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Eric Gillespie brickviking at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 23:12:18 EDT 2020

Hi there. I'm new to the mailing list, but I've been using SWORD and its
related frontends for a while now. I wanted to make an amendment to a wiki
page but I got a 500 when I attempted to create an account. Could someone
get to this over the next couple of weeks?

Now onto the amendments I wanted to make for the following page:
The Fedora section lists out-of-date instructions dating back to Fedora
10/11, and yum was superceded by dnf back in Fedora 22, nearly five years
ago. If someone could update the Fedora instructions to a more modern state
(post F22) to use dnf instead of yum, that would make the changes that are

In God,

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