[sword-devel] Ezra Project 0.14.0 released

Tobias Klein contact at tklein.info
Sun Aug 30 13:52:20 EDT 2020

Hi all,
Ezra Project 0.14.0 has just been released.
Ezra Project 0.14.0 features visualization of cross references and footnotes, an enhanced dictionary box that shows all Strong's linked dictionary resources for the selected Strong's number and various enhancements and bugfixes.
Note-worthy improvements are:
• Visualization of Cross References and Footnotes (from SWORD markup). 
• Dictionary box: Integrate possibility to show Strong's linked dictionary resources.
• Dictionary install/uninstall assistant.
• Added possibility to open verse lists (tagged verses or cross-references) in separate tab.
• Windows/Linux: Added fullscreen feature (on F11).
• Tagged Verse List popup: Added filter for the verses of the currently opened book.
Details regarding changes can be found in the changelog.
Installation instructions can be found here.
Downloads are available for:
• Windows (tested on Windows 10)
• macOS (tested on Catalina 10.15.5)
• Ubuntu 18.04 + 19.10 + 20.04
• Debian 10
• Linux Mint 18 + 19
• Fedora 29 (also works with Fedora 30)
• Fedora 31
• CentOS 8
Translations are up-to-date for English, German, French and Dutch. Thanks to Tom Lemmens for the Dutch & French translation updates!
Best regards,
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