[sword-devel] Determining the repository a SWModule belongs to

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Sun Sep 29 02:52:26 MST 2019


For now I'm thinking to store this information (Repository of a  
module) in my own application-level persistence layer.

However, I'm still wondering about the performance of  
It's not a big issue on current desktop PCs with fast SSDs. On my  
Windows tablet, though - it takes ~3s to call this function using the  
"eBible.org" repository. When calling it for all repositories to  
gather a complete list of modules, it takes ~6s on my Windows tablet.

I guess the function walks through all the module files and a long  
list of files just takes its toll ... Is there a possibility for a  
performance improvement, though?

Best regards,

Quoting contact at tklein.info:

> Hi Troy!
>> I guess InstallMgr could add a line into the .conf when installing:  
>> InstalledFrom, but that could be a side load, a local repo, another  
>> SWORD application install on a local lan, or one of our remote  
>> sources which might not still host the module.
> That would be helpful!
> I have 2 use cases:
> 1) Show the repository that a module was installed from as part of  
> other module meta information ("Module About Dialog")
> 2) Check, which repository a certain module is available from in the  
> context of a "sync feature". In Ezra Project, I'm storing a list of  
> installed modules and this list can be synced between different  
> computers. My expectation as a user is that I want to work with the  
> same set of modules whichever of my computers I'm using. The "sync  
> feature" in Ezra Project basically checks the "list of installed  
> modules" (from Ezra Project synced configuration, synced via Dropbox  
> or similar service) and then automatically installs missing modules  
> if there are any modules in the list that have not been installed  
> locally yet. For this to work efficiently it would be good to know  
> the source repository of a module, because otherwise I have to  
> search all repositories for it (That's what I'm currently doing and  
> the performance is the issue).
> Best regards,
> Tobias
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