[sword-devel] Determining the repository a SWModule belongs to

contact at tklein.info contact at tklein.info
Sat Sep 28 04:49:34 MST 2019

Hi Troy!

> I guess InstallMgr could add a line into the .conf when installing:  
> InstalledFrom, but that could be a side load, a local repo, another  
> SWORD application install on a local lan, or one of our remote  
> sources which might not still host the module.

That would be helpful!

I have 2 use cases:

1) Show the repository that a module was installed from as part of  
other module meta information ("Module About Dialog")
2) Check, which repository a certain module is available from in the  
context of a "sync feature". In Ezra Project, I'm storing a list of  
installed modules and this list can be synced between different  
computers. My expectation as a user is that I want to work with the  
same set of modules whichever of my computers I'm using. The "sync  
feature" in Ezra Project basically checks the "list of installed  
modules" (from Ezra Project synced configuration, synced via Dropbox  
or similar service) and then automatically installs missing modules if  
there are any modules in the list that have not been installed locally  
yet. For this to work efficiently it would be good to know the source  
repository of a module, because otherwise I have to search all  
repositories for it (That's what I'm currently doing and the  
performance is the issue).

Best regards,

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