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Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Mon Sep 23 15:16:25 MST 2019

On Mon, Sep 23, 2019 at 12:27 PM Michael H <cmahte at gmail.com> wrote:

> The text (https://git.door43.org/Door43-Catalog/en_tn) is not in
> currently in a format supported by anything except unfoldingWord, (
> https://door43.org/u/Door43-Catalog/en_tn/ff70a8adb2/) but it is in a
> regular format. So the manual transform  into a supported form is currently
> planned to go directly into OSIS. Considering the depth of the information,
> this seems the most likely to succeed and keep the information present and
> usable.

OSIS is an admirable goal for this purpose.

> "Build my own tools" is stronger language than I would use for my effort.
> I do plan to write stuff (LibreOffice Calc functions) that output OSIS
> directly from the spreadsheet files in the link, but not the module. I can
> synthesize what needs to happen for all of this except the header text that
> will make the subsequent validation and conversion to module work. An
> example OSIS source text for a valid sword commentary would be most
> helpful.

As far as the OSIS is concerned, there is no real difference between a
Bible text and a Commentary. The only difference between them lies in the
SWORD conf file and which list it shows up in. Also, most clients enable
different abilities (e.g. connecting scrolling a Bible to auto-scrolling
the associated commentary, etc) but all of that is outside of the realm of
OSIS. The OSIS file is exactly the same between the Bible and the
Commentary (except, presumably, the commentary will not declare itself as
canonical text in most cases).

> The The English TN is based on ASV(NRSV) versification. But there other
> languages--Russian, French, Italian where I'm expecting the reference
> edition to be other versifications, because the versification was
> established to follow the vulgate or something like it long before modern
> era.  maybe I'm seeing a mountain where none exists, or a problem that
> remains unsolvable in Sword (linking to scripture across versifications).
> It seems like there should be some hook in the work itself or along with
> each link that describes the versification of the intended scripture
> target. I'm not seeing how to encode that.

Here there be dragons, and many suggested solutions. Somewhere someone has
done work on a solution for linking across versifications. I don't know
what state that is in, so I'll let others answer that.

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