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There is a command line argument for versification for the osis2mod module compiler.


I don't think it looks at the OSIS file metadata to figure out what versification to use. It gets it from the command line.

At least that is how I'm using it and it seems to work.

In my opinion, I think it would be worth your while to learn Perl (which excels at parsing and massaging text) rather than try to figure out how to write XML from LibreOffice Calc...just my opinion. I had a project to do converters from Logos XML format to OSIS XML. It turned out to be non-trivial, and took me two years to write scripts to handle Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, and General Books.

I am (at least theoretically) willing to share my scripts. I realize few if anyone on this forum is converting from Logos XML, so the scripts would need to be adapted or serve as models for other projects.



The text ( https://git.door43.org/Door43-Catalog/en_tn ) is not in currently in a format supported by anything except unfoldingWord, ( https://door43.org/u/Door43-Catalog/en_tn/ff70a8adb2/ ) but it is in a regular format. So the manual transform  into a supported form is currently planned to go directly into OSIS. Considering the depth of the information, this seems the most likely to succeed and keep the information present and usable.

"Build my own tools" is stronger language than I would use for my effort. I do plan to write stuff (LibreOffice Calc functions) that output OSIS directly from the spreadsheet files in the link, but not the module. I can synthesize what needs to happen for all of this except the header text that will make the subsequent validation and conversion to module work. An example OSIS source text for a valid sword commentary would be most helpful.

The The English TN is based on ASV(NRSV) versification. But there other languages--Russian, French, Italian where I'm expecting the reference edition to be other versifications, because the versification was established to follow the vulgate or something like it long before modern era.  maybe I'm seeing a mountain where none exists, or a problem that remains unsolvable in Sword (linking to scripture across versifications). It seems like there should be some hook in the work itself or along with each link that describes the versification of the intended scripture target. I'm not seeing how to encode that.

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So I have a collection of files (based on vulgate and NRSV works) that will become commentaries.

The first thing I'd like to address are the differences in the versification, primarily (for the vulgate stuff) so that commentary about Psalm 119 doesn't show up on 118 or 120.

The only place I see to label a versification is in the .conf file? (after the module is finished.) And in command line utitilities that probably won't apply to my case, since I'm starting from bare text, and there's no reason to convert to a intermediate format.

Correct, but you'll eventually need to pass it through an import utility, unless you write the module directly yourself from a custom crafted tool. But, even then, you'll still need to declare the versification manually when you create the module object (or accept the KJV default) so that any index file is properly written out.

There isn't any declaration inside an OSIS file?   If I'm building the OSIS myself, is there anything I need to be especially concerned regarding the versificaiton, or just ensure that my reference tags will fit a SWORD versification item?

Pretty sure that OSIS headers have a field for it. Almost as sure that the osis2mod tool ignores it along with just about everything else in the header.


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