[sword-devel] Sword API / Basic question regarding InstallMgr class

Tobias Klein contact at tklein.info
Sun Jul 7 23:35:16 MST 2019


I'm struggling with some basic issues regarding installation of modules.

When using a SWMgr that has been initialized with no arguments as a 
destMgr (first Parameter) for InstallMgr, my module installs fail.

Same thing happens when trying to use the command line utility installmgr:

./installmgr -ri CrossWire KJV



Error installing module: [KJV] (write permissions?)

On the other hand if I use a SWMgr with a fixed path as the first 
parameter (for example pointing to ~/.sword) then the installations of 
modules are succeeding.

I'm using Sword 1.8.1.

Best regards,

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