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Following up on the amount due.  I know the organization itself doesn't do
money, but if they continue to chase crosswire for that money, is there a
way to contribute to that?

On Thu, Jun 6, 2019 at 12:19 PM Troy A. Griffitts <scribe at crosswire.org>

> Hi Tuomas,
> Yes, Crossway has decided to ask us again to stop distributing the ESV.
> We deal with new people there all the time and explaining to them how we
> work and our "family" of applications, and that open source software does
> not mean open source Bibles, is a challenge.  For the past 10 years, we
> have tried to get the ESV distribution off of our server onto Crossway's
> server into their own SWORD remote module installation repository, so as to
> not require from CrossWire a license from Crossway (and all Crossway
> requires of a license, including a nominal annual fee, renewing the
> contract, providing regular download stats, etc.).  Crossway has expressed
> desire to do this in the past, which we hoped would happen soon and hadn't
> been paying their licensing fees in the hopes that they would take over
> their own distribution, but they have never follow through with this.  The
> most recent person in charge of digital licensing has now sent us a bill
> for $1400 for past licensing dues and is sending mixed signals:
> "Crossway does not wish to have you do this [distribute from CrossWire
> servers] with our content, as we have our own servers.  We also do not want
> to make your software or the data files that work with our [sic: your?]
> software available on Crossway's site, as we have our own proprietary API,
> apps, software, and systems."
> ...
> "Crossway is not interested in granting you a license to distribute the
> ESV from your server, nor do we wish to distribute your data files and
> software from our site."
> ...
> "If in the days to come you wish to use the ESV again, we would welcome a
> new proposal from you regarding your desired use."
> I sent the new distributions rights "VP" all the threads of discussion
> we've had over the past 18 year with Crossway.  I am sure it was probably
> too much to be useful, but have quoted relevant sections of those
> discussions.  It all comes down to the fact that we have 2000+ Bibles
> available for our tools.  For no other Bible do we have to pay an annual
> licensing fee or regularly deal with demands from some new person in charge
> of digital rights to cease distribute of their text when someone from our
> community emails them and asks about their new SWORD frontend having access
> to the ESV.  It has become exhausting.
> I am sad it has come to this,
> Troy
> On 6/4/19 11:44 PM, Tuomas Airaksinen wrote:
> Hi,
> And Bible user notified me that popular ESV module has disappeared and I
> checked that it indeed is not listed in AB module listings at the moment.
> What happened?
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> T: Tuomas
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