[sword-devel] Bishop 1.3.0rc1 (Daily Devotionals)

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Tue Jul 2 19:42:20 MST 2019

So, with all the bug fixes we've done while trying to get iOS to work
reasonably well, it was time to release a parallel Android release, but
I figured we could add one new feature to warrant a 1.3.x release.

Coincidentally, I started working on adding a "Daily Devotion" option
this morning, as that new feature, when Fr. Cyrille ask about Bishop and
Daily Devotionals.

I have just uploaded both Android and iOS releases for 1.3.0rc1.

Translators, there are 3 new strings for this feature.  If you can send
me your translations, I will add these for the final release.  The new
strings are at the bottom of the i18n-template.conf file:



bishop-1.3rc1.apk size: 6117986 md5: b52401132573691ac088587d1a399d33



(Apple still needs to approve the latest release, so be sure to check
the revision 1.2.901 a.k.a. 1.3.0rc1)

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