[sword-devel] New sword-based bible software: Ezra Project 0.7.1

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Feb 24 13:10:16 MST 2019

Hi Tobias,

Thanks for this.  We might find some synergy between our frontend
efforts.  Bishop is the first frontend written using the Cordova
bindings available within the SWORD source.  I am not sure how much
Electron desktop apps and Cordova mobile apps share when it comes to
writing native plugins, but you might find the Cordova plugin helpful. 
It is by no means a well refined binding of the SWORD C++ engine for
JavaScript, but it works well enough for the Bishop Android and iOS
apps.  It exposes three main SWORD classes: InstallMgr, SWMgr, and SWModule.

You can see the .js interface here:


Looking forward to trying your project and sharing in work together.


On 2/24/19 10:38 AM, Tobias Klein wrote:
> Hello sword developers,
> My name is Tobias Klein. I'm a Christian and software developer based
> in Mannheim, Germany.
> I've just published a new release of Ezra Project (version 0.7.1) on
> Github:
> https://github.com/tobias-klein/ezra-project/releases/tag/0.7.1
> Feature overview in a video tutorial:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8gScfa0MqM
> I've been starting to work on this software about 9 years ago, at that
> time it was web-based. I figured that the web-based approach
> (server-based) was not super useful for end users, so last year I
> turned the software into a Desktop app (still the same
> javascript-based frontend, but based on Electron) and this is what I'm
> releasing now.
> This version comes with a very basic feature: Topic-based verse tagging.
> The general idea behind Ezra Project is to have a bible software that
> allows the user to store self-created study material right with the
> bible text.
> The tagging feature is what I use myself extensively for topical study
> to prepare sermons, home bible studies, etc. I found it very valuable
> to maintain my own "topical index".
> In my web-based version of Ezra Project I have some more features that
> I may migrate to this desktop application one feature at a time in the
> future. Planned features are:
>   * Export of tagged verses to text document
>   * In-book search
>   * Cross-bible search with possibility to tag within search results
> Some technical infos:
>   * Ezra Project uses a C++ library that wraps the Sword interface
>     behind an Electron-compatible interface:
>     https://github.com/tobias-klein/ezra-sword-interface
>   * Ezra Project currently runs on Windows (tested on Windows 10) and
>     on Linux (64 bit, tested on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS).
> I'd be happy about any feedback regarding Ezra Project. Since I just
> published it there are not any users, yet. I thought it may be good to
> start with you guys here ... :)
> Greetings from Mannheim, Germany
> Tobias
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