[sword-devel] New sword-based bible software: Ezra Project 0.7.1

Tobias Klein contact at tklein.info
Sun Feb 24 10:38:34 MST 2019

Hello sword developers,

My name is Tobias Klein. I'm a Christian and software developer based in 
Mannheim, Germany.

I've just published a new release of Ezra Project (version 0.7.1) on Github:


Feature overview in a video tutorial: 

I've been starting to work on this software about 9 years ago, at that 
time it was web-based. I figured that the web-based approach 
(server-based) was not super useful for end users, so last year I turned 
the software into a Desktop app (still the same javascript-based 
frontend, but based on Electron) and this is what I'm releasing now.

This version comes with a very basic feature: Topic-based verse tagging.
The general idea behind Ezra Project is to have a bible software that 
allows the user to store self-created study material right with the 
bible text.

The tagging feature is what I use myself extensively for topical study 
to prepare sermons, home bible studies, etc. I found it very valuable to 
maintain my own "topical index".

In my web-based version of Ezra Project I have some more features that I 
may migrate to this desktop application one feature at a time in the 
future. Planned features are:

  * Export of tagged verses to text document
  * In-book search
  * Cross-bible search with possibility to tag within search results

Some technical infos:

  * Ezra Project uses a C++ library that wraps the Sword interface
    behind an Electron-compatible interface:
  * Ezra Project currently runs on Windows (tested on Windows 10) and on
    Linux (64 bit, tested on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS).

I'd be happy about any feedback regarding Ezra Project. Since I just 
published it there are not any users, yet. I thought it may be good to 
start with you guys here ... :)

Greetings from Mannheim, Germany


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