[sword-devel] XML whitespace - significant and insignificant?

David Haslam dfhdfh at protonmail.com
Fri Feb 8 12:02:24 MST 2019

Here's a question that I'd like our OSIS experts to ponder.

In XML, there's a longstanding topic relating to whitespace.

See http://usingxml.com/Basics/XmlSpace

When we make a module from an OSIS file, are there any aspects of XML whitespace that can make a significant difference to how the module displays text or features?

E.g. Might we inadvertently get a space inserted between a tagged word and a note tag?

i.e. As maybe the result of performing a "pretty print" operation on the OSIS source text.

cf. I'm sure you can think of other potential areas of interest.

AFAIK, this has never been discussed before among us.

With various software tools available for making "innocuous" changes to XML files, it's certainly the case that there's nothing to dissuade module providers from using them to "prettify" the OSIS file, even though there might - theoretically at least - be consequences.

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