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Surely Karl is right in having as part of his design philosophy the desire to avoid a systemic bias in favour of the English language.

It’s more the case that BibleTime and PocketSword still have some measure of such a systemic bias.

This is a Top Level aspect of Software Engineering. I for one commend his commitment to Internationalisation.


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> Il 07/02/2019 13:02, Karl Kleinpaste ha scritto:
>> On 2/7/19 6:41 AM, Cyrille wrote:
>>> Maybe it should be interesting to have the list translated?
>> Xiphos' languages file tries to be localized to a language's own name and encoding, to the extent it's known and can be done in current font support. There have been some in the past that were not localized because of limitations, e.g. Norsk ("grep -A2 -B1 -i '^nb[^a-z]' /usr/share/xiphos/languages") and Gothic ("grep -B2 -i ^got /usr/share/xiphos/languages"). The original ISO dump from which it was initialized was all Latin script.
>> Oh, look, sil.org moved the ISO dump page *again*...
> Bibletime propose the tranluction of the list. If I have difficulties to find something with xiphos, I jump on Bibletime, but it's not very practical.
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