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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Feb 4 17:01:33 MST 2019

Hi John,

SWORD support searching with or without a search index and has 3 methods
for maintaining any search index.  The implementation depends on which
index system option is turned on at configuration time when building
(default is clucene; ximian is also supported).  The calls are:

virtual signed char SWModule::createSearchFramework(
		void (*percent) (char, void *) = &nullPercent,
		void *percentUserData = 0);
virtual void SWModule::deleteSearchFramework();
virtual bool SWModule::hasSearchFramework();


There is a simple command line utility which does nothing more than call
SWModule::createSearchFramework on a module which you might find bundled
with whatever binaries you are using.  The tool is called: mkfastmod


On 2/4/19 4:32 PM, Dudeck, John wrote:
> Sorry for what might be a frequently asked question, but I can't find
> it on the Crosswire wiki:
> I am working on creating our own in-house repository. How are we
> supposed to create the search indexes for download?
> AndBible has a button for downloading the index, which works on some
> modules but not on others.
> I've looked on the various ftp repositories, but don't see anything
> that looks like search indexes.
> Can anybody give me a pointer on this?
> Thanks.
> John Dudeck
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