[sword-devel] engNET2016eb / Inconsistent Strong's ids in markup

Tobias Klein contact at tklein.info
Sun Dec 15 03:38:13 MST 2019

Dear Michael,

I found that the engNET2016eb has inconsistent Strong's ids in its markup.

Example based on Ecclesiastes 2:26. I inserted line breaks for readability.

<w lemma="strong:H1571">only</w>
<w lemma="strong:H5414">to</w>
<w lemma="strong:H5414">give</w>
<w lemma="*strong:06440*">it</w>
<w lemma="strong:H5414">to</w>
<w lemma="strong:H6440">the</w>
<w lemma="strong:H2088">one</w>
<w lemma="strong:H120">who</w> pleases
<w lemma="*strong:0430*">God</w>.

In this example it looks like some of the Strong's lemma's have a 
leading zero instead of the character 'H'.
Can this be corrected? I didn't check all the occurances of this issue 
and I don't know whether this issue is limited to the OT.

Best regards,

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