[sword-devel] Module upload: TurNTB

David Haslam dfhdfh at protonmail.com
Sun Dec 8 10:43:32 MST 2019

Module TurNTB should not have the following spurious line in the .conf file


The module submission did not have it, so it must be an artefact of the server script used to process the .conf file.

It’s not even a Hebrew text, let alone a morpheme segmented one!

Needs fixing manually.

And while I’m reporting this, the SwordVersionDate key was not changed with Version 2.1.1 in May 2019.
That was supposed to be a fix in the .conf file, but it’s not clear if anything was actually fixed.

We should not be making these kind of annoying mistakes during module release.

Best regards,


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> Dear All,
> This is to announce that we have just now uploaded TurNTB.
> This is is an updated version of TurNTB.
> Many thanks to David for the hard work.
> yours
> The Module Team
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