[sword-devel] Ezra Project 0.9.0 released

Tobias Klein contact at tklein.info
Fri Aug 23 10:30:29 MST 2019

Hi all,

/Ezra Project //0.9.0/ has been released. Ezra Project is a topical 
bible study tool.

This release comes with a few usability enhancements and installation 
packages for additional systems/distributions, most notably /macOS/.


Three note-worthy /usability improvements/ are:

  * Tags can now be shown in a column next to the bible text
    (alternative to in-line mode).
  * Section titles from SWORD modules can now be shown/hidden based on
    an option in the menu.
  * Information about SWORD modules can now be shown before installation
    when using the bible translation wizard.

Detailed changes are recorded in the Change Log 

/Downloads/ are available for:

  * Windows (tested on Windows 10)
  * macOS (tested on High Sierra and Mojave)
  * Ubuntu 18.04 + 19.04
  * Debian 10
  * Linux Mint 18
  * OpenSuse Leap 15.1
  * Fedora 29 (also works with Fedora 30)
  * CentOS 7

Feedback is appreciated!

Best regards,
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