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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Aug 19 11:50:19 MST 2019

Dear Fr. Cyrille,

Thank you for the locale submission.  What you've submitted is not a
full SWORD locale.  There are a number of missing sections.  I also have
no expertise in the language or people group you are targeting with this
locale.  Can I ask you to fill out this locale file and confirm that
this now successfully works for you.  You can use the locale wiki page
and the existing locales as references:


I am happy to commit changes if you confirm things are working, but I
cannot, right now, spend time to test and debug this new submission.  I
wish I had more time to spend on testing and fixing submissions, but I
usually do a sanity check and risk evaluation on most submission--
especially when they deal with languages which the submitter is much
more qualified than me to judge if things work well for the language.

To help, I am happy to post a build of Bishop which includes your
locale, once it is complete, if you'd like this to help you test.

Thank you again for your work on this and so much else,


On 8/17/19 7:16 AM, Cyrille wrote:
> Hello Troy,
> In the attached file you can find the translation books for the NT, Ps
> and Prov in Myanmar. I have no idea of how to call it, bur, my, mya,
> bm... You will chose what is correct.
> Please add it to sword, and check if it works with Bishop I'm almost
> ready to propose a new module in Myanmar language and it will be
> important to have this translation. My friend from Myanmar will probably
> translate also the Gui, I'm waiting it.
> Br Cyrille
> Le 02/06/2019 à 01:49, Troy A. Griffitts a écrit :
>> Thanks Dominique,
>> Glad it wasn't more devices.  Maybe something Cyanogen is doing odd? 
>> I've hunted around and see the <img> tag is self-close ( <img ... /> ). 
>> This shouldn't matter, but I've removed that.  I am not sure I
>> understand your note below, "There is no translation nor Preferences
>> menu in 1.2.0pre7".  Are you sure you are running 1.2.0pre7?  I've tried
>> both on my emulator and real device and I have this menu.  If the phone
>> is small, you might need to scroll the menu up to see the menu choice.
>> pre8 is posted.  I've added your updates to the French locale, along
>> with the removal of the self closing <img /> slash.  Let me know if it
>> help.  Also, does the logcat show anything new (about the Witness Study,
>> or even at startup, if you still aren't seeing the Settings menu).
>> Thank you for the locale update, feedback, and time you've spent to test
>> all these.
>> Troy
>> On 6/1/19 12:59 PM, Dominique Corbex wrote:
>>> On Thu, 30 May 2019 15:00:31 -0700
>>> "Troy A. Griffitts" <scribe at crosswire.org> wrote:
>>>> Any ideas welcome.
>>> I've tested 3 Bishop versions:
>>> - 1.1.5
>>> - 1.2.0pre4 
>>> - 1.2.0pre7 (note: There is no translation nor Preferences menu in 1.2.0pre7)
>>> on 3 Android mobiles:
>>> #1: Android 9.0
>>> #2: LineageOS 14.1 (=Android 7.1.2)
>>> #3: Android 7.1.1 
>>> I'm afraid I have a problem with my my own phone #3 (or Android
>>> version). On the 2 other mobiles, every Bishop version I've tested
>>> works fine, but each one is broken on my phone.
>>> It was running Bishop pretty well some time ago, I don't know what
>>> happened. I tried to remove apps, I also installed Bishop 1.0.8 but
>>> without any success. I suppose an upgrade broke something, but which
>>> one?
>>> It is maybe related to the <img> tag, as *witnesses study* will run
>>> flawlessly if I click on Ge 12:1 (no img) but will hang if I select Ge
>>> 11:1 (1 img).
>>> Obviously, for one same Bishop version, the sniffed packets coming from
>>> the server are identical on all phones except for timestamps and
>>> cookies.
>>> Dom
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