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The latest JSword should handle it just fine. When you grab an entire chapter it will grab verse 0 for the chapter. You have to get the entire book to get chapter 0. Or explicitly request 0. E.g. Matt.0.0-1.ff.

AndBible is the place to go. It uses an earlier version of JSword. Martin Denham is the author but he is unable to work on it. Volunteers are welcome. 

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> On Jun 15, 2018, at 4:19 PM, John Dudeck <john.dudeck at sim.org> wrote:
> Ok. I think I just realized where my problem lies.
> In Xiphos, the Introductory material is displaying the way you describe, which is what I want.
> But in AndBible, only the text that is withing the <chapter> tags is displaying.
> So I'm guessing this is a JSword or AndBible issue.
> Whom do we contact about this?
> John
> > I’ll see if I can explain from memory. I’m the most recent contributor to osis2mod.
> >
> > Below “first” means the first encountered. For a complete Bible it is as you’d think, but if there is
> > only one testament or an incomplete testament, first may not refer to Genesis or Matthew. Also,
> > if a book or chapter doesn’t start with chapter or verse 1, then first doesn’t refer to 1.
> >
> > BTW, Intro, Heading, and Title are treated as the same. The toggle for headings handles all
> > three the same. Initially the thought was that there were only titles and sub-titles.
> >
> > Bible Intro. Osis2mod doesn’t know how to properly handle this. Everything before the first
> > testament is gathered as the Bible intro. OSIS doesn’t require testament divisions, but these are
> > needed to identify a Bible intro. 
> >
> > Testament Intro. Osis2mod doesn’t know how to properly handle this. Everything before the first
> > book is gathered as a testament intro. Everything after the last book of the Old Testament and
> > before the first book of the New Testament is gathered as the NT intro.
> >
> > Because osis2mod doesn’t know how to address Bible and Testament intro it is put in the first
> > location it knows is after that point. Practically, it becomes intro material in the first chapter.
> >
> > Book Intro. Everything inside the book tag before the first chapter tag is a Book intro. While it is
> > placed in chapter 0, verse 0 for the book, you never explicitly address 0. Osis2mod will figure it
> > out.
> >
> > Chapter Intro. This is the most difficult. A chapter intro comes after the chapter tag and comes
> > before the tag for verse 1. But some can be an intro that goes with the chapter and some is
> > taken as the intro to a verse. Since it is hard to control where one ends and the next begins, the
> > wiki has carefully laid out how osis2mod distinguishes the two. Special treatment is needed for
> > canonical Psalm headings. That which goes with the chapter intro is put into verse 0 for that
> > chapter, but you never explicitly address 0. Osis2mod will figure it out as well. The rest is
> > prefixed to verse 1 with special markup that osis2mod adds.
> >
> > Verse intro (aka titles). This is everything between 2 verses after the last closing tag of the prior
> > verse and before the start verse tag. Often this contains no text but only structural tags.
> >
> > Many frontends do not show intro material but only material from verse 1 and following.
> > (Hopefully, I’m wrong.)
> >
> > If you make an uncompressed module and use the debug flag to show markers for verses you
> > can view the built data files in a readable format.
> >
> > If someone can explain to me how to address the intros using the SWORD engine, I’ll update
> > osis2mod to properly store them.
> >
> > The wiki can be improved. Feel free to make it read better.
> >
> > Hope this helps,
> >
> > DM
> >
> > On Jun 11, 2018, at 8:11 PM, John Dudeck <john.dudeck at sim.org> wrote:
> >
> > Would somebody please clarify the documentation on the wiki page for osis2mod.exe for
> > "Handling of Introductions, Titles and Inter-Verse Material". I can't make heads nor tails out
> > of it.
> >
> > Specifically, how are we supposed to tag (in OSIS) the introductory material in a Bible?
> > The wiki page says that SWORD looks for module, testament, book and chapter
> > introductory material." In the Bibles I am working on, everything inside of chapter tags is
> > being displayed, but none of the stuff outside the chapter tags is being displayed.
> >
> > It says that "A module introduction should be place into testament 0, book 0, chapter 0,
> > verse 0. A testament introduction should be placed into testament 1 or 2, book 0, chapter
> > 0, verse 0." What does this mean? Where do you tag the testament number, the book
> > number, etc? This is not explained in the OSIS documentation, which only mentions book
> > abbreviations, and nothing about testaments.
> >
> > It says "See OSIS Bibles for best practices in marking up titles and introductions." But that
> > page says nothing at all about introductions.
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