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Module GerLeoRP05 mod2imp output character counts are attached in plain text.

There are no Greek letters in this module, so this line in the .conf is superfluous.


It's a logical fallacy to argue that just because this SWORD filter changes the output then the module must contain Greek letters.

This is because some Greek accents are not unique to the Koine Greek language.
They are used in several other scripts and many languages.
German is merely one such language that uses the Latin scipt and in which some diacritics or punctuation marks are also found in Koine Greek.

Moreover, the right single quotation mark is filtered by UTF8GreekAccents, so when Greek accents are disabled, some text is displayed incorrectly.
For an example, see Mark 3:14 footnote 10.

With accents enabled, it reads: T+ „die er auch ’Apostel‘ nannte“
With accents disabled, it reads: T+ „die er auch Apostel‘ nannte“

IMHO, the confmaker script ought to make the insertion of this particular filter conditional on the main language of the module being Koine Greek.

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> Dear All,
> This is to announce that we have just now uploaded GerLeoRP05.
> This is is an updated version of GerLeoRP05.
> Many thanks to Thomas for the hard work.
> yours
> The Module Team
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