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Mon Jun 4 00:47:20 MST 2018

Spent a little time tracking down a few bugs in the new prototype views. Now that it doesn't crash every 5th verse or so, I've been using the Language Assist view a bit during my morning readings. It doesn't suck as much as I initially thought. The Strongs dictionary still isn't ideal. I find myself wading through the noise to find the glosses somewhere between the etimology and the SEE ALSOs. Would like something much more concise and maybe a click to open more in depth if I want to learn more about the word. Typically I'm just using it in this use case, just to fill in the gaping holes in my vocabulary. I'm not actually doing a word study.

Any ideas on a better lexicon for this purpose? I think David Instone-Brewer worked on a gloss list for Hebrew. I can't remember if one was done for Greek or where the words for either were derived from-- if they were an original work of if they were pulled from another source...

I have done work on our flashcards generator from a biblical text range. This goes through all words in a verse range you give and collates all the lemmas in that range and also the phrases translated by that lemma in that range and builds flash cards. I might try to use that to build a gloss list for the Language Assist window.

Also the Language Assist view configuration is kludgy. You need to have your Word Study Bible unset or else set to your primary display Bible for the word alignments to coordinate. That defeats the purposes for having a dedicated setting for Word Study Bible. It needs to be smarter and always use the left display Bible for the Language Assist window, or else not try to highlight the active word in the verse if they are different.

Any other ideas would be helpful.

We had a few people show some interest in helping out. Any luck with setting up a dev environment and building an apk from the source?

Also the iOS bundle is very behind. I need to catch it up to the Android release. Some of the native bindings have changed, so it's not a simple recompile and I'll need to get my head back into Swift.

Hope everyone is at the start of a great week!
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