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David Troidl DavidTroidl at aol.com
Sun Jun 3 13:46:43 MST 2018


I was having an issue with Xiphos, so I clicked the link in the Help 
menu for Mailing List.  I put in the effort to fill out the form, and 
when I submitted it, I was told this method no longer worked, because of 

Then I went to http://www.crosswire.org/mailman/listinfo, to see what 
could be done from there.  Under xiphos-user, I was taken to the same 
sign-up page.  Then I went to sword-devel, assuming I could sign in 
there and edit my list subscriptions.  When I clicked in the Address 
box, I got a message saying the page was insecure, and entering my login 
could compromise my information.

Also, on the Mailing Lists page, it gave this address: 
mailmen at crosswire.org, if I was having trouble.  I sent an email there, 
and received two automated responses, from 
mailmen-bounces at crosswire.org, and mailmen-owner at crosswire.org. Both of 
them said:

Go towww.crosswire.org  to find the appropriate person to contact or
contact the sword-devel mailing list if you really do have a problem
to contact us about. This list is inactive.

Obviously, something is wrong with this picture.  What is the proper 
procedure, and how would an unsuspecting user find it out?



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