[sword-devel] Windows Builds

Tom Sullivan info at beforgiven.info
Sun Feb 18 01:25:44 MST 2018


Thanks. The Windows and Linux builds work fine in my testing for 
osis2mod and xml2gbs and will incorporate in next major SwordHammer 
release. Appreciate your making these available.


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On 01/30/2018 09:52 AM, Greg Hellings wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have made a first pass at building the Windows version of the Sword 
> utilities. You can find the resulting builds for 1.8.1 here: 
> http://dl.thehellings.com/sword-utils/ as per usual.
> These are not officially supported or endorsed by CrossWire. I create 
> them of my own volition and not in my capacity as the release manager 
> here. They are simply zipped versions of the files I build from the 
> Fedora MinGW packages.
> I haven't a Windows machine up and running today to test them out. These 
> packages include the latest versions of all the files that were part of 
> the 1.7.4 release bundle. However, since much time has passed since 
> then, it would not surprise me if there are DLL files that have been 
> added to the dependency tree since then. If you encounter issues with 
> executing the files, please give me a holler and I'll see if there's an 
> obvious solution.
> For those who are interested, and since I now automate everything I 
> reasonably can manage to automate, you can see the scripts I use to 
> build these files at https://github.com/greg-hellings/config. If you 
> have Vagrant and Ansible installed on your local system, you can build 
> the same results by opening the vagrant/mingw_sword_package folder from 
> that repository and issuing the command "vagrant up". This should be 
> do-able by anyone on any host. Doing so will bring up a guest Fedora 27 
> system, install the latest test version of the MinGW Sword package, 
> package the results, and create a zip folder in the root of your current 
> directory alongside the Vagrantfile.
> Please feel free to ask questions or chastise me if something is amiss.
> --Greg
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