[sword-devel] Error reading ulCompOffset

Andrew T. thulester at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 21:14:28 MST 2018

I'm currently using the command:
/usr/bin/osis2mod . /sword/dss/DSS.osis.xml -z -b 4 -v KJVA

Yet all I'm getting are the following errors:
Error reading ulCompOffset
Error reading ulCompOffset
Error reading ulCompOffset

I've created sword modules before, yet I don't recognize this error.

I created the osis.xml file, and I'm fairly confident it is structured
correctly - yet there are fragments missing (as the source of the text I
used to create this document is fragmentary and incomplete).  For example
there is no New Testament, no Esther, no Nehemiah ...)

Can anyone provide insight as to what this error means?

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